Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well, it was a great Halloween the kids got a ton of candy and unfortunately we had lots of let over.  The kids were excited this year it was definitely a toss up over who was more excited me or the kids.  Danny went as a stunning cowboy and I believe enjoyed all the googles and giggle over him what a handsome dude he was.  Mary went as a pirate Arrty Mate and she played the part very well saying her line on que as if rehearsed.  Liliann went as the wonderful sleeping beauty that of course like every year she came home and changed after a little trick or treating into something more comfortable therefore colored her nose through on a couple whiskers and called her a cat.  I was a wonderful tree, it was easily assembled when someone was helping and unfortunately I had to do it myself.  It was a hit a little tall taking out several people, eyes, and exit signs in the school hallway, but I think we all recovered.  Craig through on an Afro wig and I am not sure what you call him.  Although he did dress as leisure suit Larry just a couple weeks earlier when we went to a Halloween party.  I hope everyone enjoys the pix and I am sure as holidays approach there will be a lot more to report.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, you may be wondering where I have been, and honestly I can say I have no idea, where have I been.  I think working or sleeping maybe running, yeah I think running.  My latest and greatest accomplishment was the Spokane Half Marathon.  This is my second time running it a beautiful course very colorful and challenging.  I forgot how hilly the course was until I was in it.  The morning started off cold I think 27 degrees or so, whatever it was it was cold.  It warmed up into the 50s and was a perfect day for a race.  Last year I ran the race in 2:07 and was hoping this year I could do it in 2:00 hours but of course I was a little skeptical of my training and time I had put in so I would be fine as long as I finished before 2:15.  Remember I am the person that doesn't set the goals very high, that way I know I can reach them.  Well, I got to the top of Doomsday hill and with only a few miles left I was feeling pretty good.  I starting picking up the pace so I thought or maybe everyone else was slowing down but needless to say I came across the line at exactly 2:00 hours.  YES I DID IT!!  It was very fun to see friends I hadn't seen in awhile and then I got to run my sister in law the last quarter of a mile her first one ever how cool was that.  I could barely keep my tears back when I saw her coming.  How awesome she is and what a great accomplishment for her.  I have a great sister in law.  GO COLLEEN!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well I thought I would update my blog when there was something exciting I believe last weekend definitely qualifies.  The weekend was full of adventures and unforgettable memories.  I first flew to Portland Thursday night where I was to be staying with my friend Kelly.  I called her once I got to the airport (an hour early thanks to Craig) to tell her my flight has been delayed and I'll be in at 9:15.  Kelly answers the phone and rather hesitantly says...I'm not sure if I should have called you or not but her husband and her and been vomiting all night but the good news she hasn't thrown up since 12:00:).  So, I think for a minute and ponder I am out of town going to a wedding do I want to be exposed and sick.  I then tell her okay I'll call you back.  I place one of several calls to Craig, he says just get a hotel no big deal, maybe no big deal for him but that is big adult stuff and I am scared to stay in a hotel by myself.  Mind you I am already feeling very anxious and rattled since last time I took this flight to Portland was when my dad passed away so I am freaking out because of this also.  

Next step I place several calls all over Washington trying to get phone numbers of some girl friends I know live in the Portland area.  After calling to Wenatchee and calling Whitney's dad I get a hold of Whit.  Mind you the last time I spoke to Whit or saw her was at her wedding 7 years ago, but I have no apprehensions about calling to shack up with her.  I call her have to leave a message say hey this is Ann Flanigan remember me from college??  Thank God she remembers me calls me back picks me up at the airport and she says okay I am going to drop you off at Heathers  who is the bride and has already gone to Hood River where the wedding is taking place!   I think Heathers, are you kidding me do you know I barely made it off that flight I was balling my eyes out I am a mess I can't be left alone.  I beg and plead telling her I don't care if she has 2 bowls in the sink has she ever seen my house?  Obviously not.  Yes, she caves and I get to stay with her.  We sit around and chat until about midnight I crash on the couch and the next morning she drops me off at a Starbucks at 7:30 and I wait for my next pal to come and rescue me.  Kelly was feeling better thank God and she came and found me in the local Target shopping,  I was very happy at Target I never get to browse by myself it was real close to serenity. Kelly and I finished the day shopping waiting for Stacey to join us and get Kriss from the airport and venture on to Hood River where the wedding is.  

Stace arrives we hang out we end up going out to dinner with Kelly's family and her parents who were in town for her daughter Lauren's first birthday.  We eat at a yummy pizza place enjoying the food and company and Kendall her older daughter keeps complaining her tummy doesn't feel well.  Kelly does the typical mom thing "do you need to go potty?" No, next thing Kelly's family gets up and leaves and low and behold next thing you know Stacey and I are now only eating with Kelly's parents.  Kendall is not feeling well, we get to there house afterwards and Kendall and vomited uh oh the flu and hit its final victim in the house.  Stacey and I decide we need to get going to get Kriss from the airport she is due in in about 20 minutes.  

We get our stuff loaded in Stacey's car and for some reason her fan was having a little issue earlier and wasn't turning off before dinner and wouldn't you know it it is still going but very lightly.  Stace gets in to start the car and nothing dead battery.  Crap 2 minutes later I get a text from Kriss, "landed let you know when I get my luggage"  Crap, I call Kriss and say hey don't rush it might be a bit we are at least 20 minutes from the airport and we are trying to figure out how to unplug the fan so in case it doesn't turn off again we can unplug it and not have to worry about a dead battery.  Perfect 30 minutes later and a jump we are on our way to get Kriss.  We get Kriss drive to Hood River and get lost in the town trying to find our house we are staying in find it, and move in.  Saturday morning we shopped the town and talk with the all the wedding party everyone excited for the big day.  The wedding went off without a hitch Heather looked beautiful as always the view was great looking at Mt. Hood,  weather was perfect.  We had a great time enjoyed wonderful food and yummy wine, some of us more than others.  At the end of the night we headed home took some guy back with us who drove his motorcycle and had too much fun so we said he could stay at the house, he had to work at 8:00 the next morning but Stacey said she would wake up at 6:00 and drive him back to his bike.

We get home I crash the alarm goes off Stacey goes to the other house looking for this Justin guy who she can't remember what he looks like and she can't find him, he isn't exactly where we left him.  We tell her to look for his motorcycle gear and nothing, checks the rooms and he is gone.  Rumor on the streets is he took a cab at 1:30am back to his bike ad slept next to it.  (Whatever)

Next morning we get up everyone is moving a little slower Kriss especially I am not sure if she moved for a good couple hours.  We decide to get ready head back to Portland and tackle the shopping town before I catch my flight back.  We load the car clean the house we stayed Stacey and I have this fan thing down to a science, I plug in and she unplugs .  We head out get on the highway to head back to Portland Kriss is set up with all the hang over supplies, vomit bag, water we have crackers.  6 miles in Kriss gets sick, uses her bag we pull over at the weigh station to throw away the bag and Stacey's car starts smoking, she pops the hood and smoke is rolling off the engine next thing you know I YELL FIRE!!! get the water, I grab the water out of the back seat pour 6 bottles over the fan area and phew the fire is out.  Stacey is still standing there thinking do I have a fire extinguisher??  We all have a good laugh and then think hmm how do we get back to Portland?

Stacey is now a proud member of AAA, I tried to get us on the Oregon ducks bus that pulled over, they felt no sympathy for us, they said okay guys let go this is a private party.  After hours of phone calls to rental car placed and dealerships and to find out nobody is open on Sunday we joined the tow truck driver on a 50 mile ride to the Portland BMW dealership.  We again called our good friend Whitney who rescued me and the other girls, we ate lunch at the Hollow Goose a greasy pub with slow service.  We are all fed and now ready to head home, Stacey decides to take the train nice scenic derailed and 4 hours delays and switching trains not the best decision.  I was dropped off at the airport nice smooth arrival home and Kriss I believed had a delayed plane as well.  I must say it was a weekend full of memories that will not be forgotten.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The power of a carrot

I thought this was rather cute.  This evening we are eating dinner it is the same story Liliann eat your dinner Mary eat your dinner.  Well tonight they had carrots that they were dipping in ranch and for some reason they think it is funny to do there very own magic trick.  They dip the carrot into the ranch and then say "watch this carrot diappear" then they take a big bite.  We listen to this during every bit of the carrot.  Well tonight Mary was holding her carrot in ranch and pushing it down rather intensely bows her head  then says "Dear Jesus make this carrot super stong"  then she looks up smiles and takes a big bite.  I thought very cute and the simple minds of kids. We are blessed to have three wonderful kids.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Changes

Big Changes since I've last updated, We have started the first day of Second grade, first day of Preschool and a little guy turning 2.  They have been all very fun and exciting.  Liliann was very excited as she ventured to another school year very ambitious and excited she has no problems going up dressed and ready I was of course dragging my feet and fretting for the first two weeks.  I guess now I am finally convinced she is okay and will do great like always.  

Mary starting preschool and it was a bitter sweet, I was excited for her and she was so excited that is all 
she could talk about.  She of course is doing well and loving it.  She has been learning sign language it is fun to see her teach us the new signs she has learned.  Her sister on the other hand told us the other day that if you point your middle finger at someone that is a bad word.  Of course I had to
 turn my back and snicker where Craig handled it much more appropriately than me.    He asked who told her that then he was going to go to school and beat her up.  All in all everyone i
s doing well at school.

Danny turned the big 2 I can hardly believe it.  He is more busy than ever climbing, throwing, and hitting 
where ever and what ever he can.  Danny has graced us with the gift of gab the only problem is he never stops.  I did comment to Craig I know I talk a lot but am I that annoying??  He didn't really seem to answer.  Hmmmm  

Friday, August 22, 2008